Learn all about Luxury Villas in Sarjapur

buying a villa

Sarjapur is one of the best locations to buy or invest in property. It is an area complete with all the amenities one looks for. It has great social structure and infrastructure, complete with healthy environment and entertainment zones. It is equidistant to important IT hubs like Whitefield, Electronic City, ORR etc. and so people will have almost similar travel time to reach their work place for any of these prominent IT locations in Bangalore. Sarjapur is also the hub for international and reputed schools in Bangalore. All good and reputed schools like DPS, Greenwood High, Inventure Academy, TISB, Oakridge, Silver Oak etc. have their branches in Sarjapur. This reduces the travel time for children to reach their schools and thereby sparing more time for other productive activities.

So, overall, buying a luxury villa in Sarjapur, can easily be denoted as the best choice. A home address your family members and friends would appreciate.

Let us discuss some basic things about the luxury villas-

  • Construction

  • Buying a villa is a long-term investment. You must see the construction of the house, i.e. the strength and quality of the construction, the width of the boundary walls and the internal walls (The internal walls are usually 4 inches and the external walls are about 6-8 inches). Lookout for the height of the floor and the stairs that go winding inside (the height could be around 10 feet). Checkout the distance between two villas and how much of that space would fall under your occupancy as usually there is an adjoining wall with the neighbouring villa.

    You must take clear view to avoid any future complications.

  • Water sources

  • Water is an important commodity, we cannot live without. Before buying a villa, you must understand the source of water linked to your villa. Is there any option for secondary source? What will be the process if anything goes wrong? Bangalore is almost on the verge of water scarcity, and the water source is an important criterion. You can also check for rain-harvesting system.

  • Interiors

  • A lot many things are covered under great interiors. You must observe carefully before buying a luxury villa. Must check the tiles used on walls and flooring, the type of wood used in doors and windows and its maintenance. The kitchen and bathrooms are the two main areas that are most functional. These areas are the most used ones and any problem here can lead to serious consequences.

    After inspecting all these criterions, you can move on to buy a luxury villa in Sarjapur and enjoy your home.

  • Security

  • Security of the house and people within the house can be an issue for worrying. Villas can be best enjoyed in gated community. The amenities and facilities that comes with the gated community allows you to enjoy your life in villa at best. When you buy a villa in gated community you do not have to worry about security issues as it comes equipped with manual and electronic security system. It prevents the unwanted visitors and trespassers.

    While in an independent villa, you may always worry about security issues and theft. You may not be able to control unwanted intruders and will always be worried when you are out of town. In gated community you can take trips with and without your families without being worried.

  • Companionship

  • Who doesn’t enjoy a social get-together? In a gated community you can enjoy the companionship and friendship with other residents. While in individual villas you must make an extra effort to socialize and move in social circle. In gated community you can enjoy festivals, celebrations, games, walks, get-together at all levels.

    So, now you have learnt all the points regarding the luxury villas. This will help you make best choice towards buying a luxury villa in Sarjapur.