Emerging Villa Project at Sarjapur

Do you know why Sarjapur is the paradise/wonderland for villa projects?

Well there are many reasons why the best villa projects are emerging in Sarjapur. Let us start with the connectivity.

  1. Connectivity

  2. Any place gets importance because of its reaching point to other main localities. Like it is just

    All these areas are the major work/ business centres in Bangalore. Not that Sarjapur is not an IT hub, but it also supports comfortable housing options for people working in the above areas. It is also nearby to the residential areas of Bangalore like

    A lot of effort is being exercised to make Sarjapur congestion free even during the peak hours. The scheduled 330 ft. wide STRR- satellite town ring road & the 520 ms 4- lane rail over bridge will help free traffic movement, relieving any traffic congestion. How it feels wonderful not to be stuck in traffic jams. just coursing through smoothly towards your destination.

  3. IT hub
  4. IT-hub-near-sarjapur-road

    Sarjapur is a major IT hub. The Infosys, tycoon of IT has procured 275 acres of land to develop an IT SEZ. Wipro is residing in Sarjapur from 15 years. And a new Wipro campus is coming up on 75 Acres of land which will have the capacity to seat 75,000 engineers going by the industry standards. SABIC, one of the world’s largest petrochemical manufactures has its campus in Sarjapur.

    Over 2 lacs people are employed in and around Sarjapur road, making it the first choice for living. Because of this ever-increasing population of ITians, makes Sarjapur the best destination for villa projects. This class of people are in good economic zone to settle for villas, and live next to their working zone.

  5. Next best for NRI’s
  6. IT-hub-near-sarjapur-road

    NRI’s always seek to invest in India, esp. in Bangalore on real estate. Whether it is for their retirement plan or to pool their resources, in any case they look for a judicious deal. They want both good company as well as peace and non-interference. For them Sarjapur poses to be the best option.

  7. An educational hub
  8. IT-hub-near-sarjapur-road

    One of the important reasons of emerging villa projects in Sarjapur is the presence of leading international and national residential school. Schools are an important criterion for people investing in a place for living. You want your children to go to good schools close by to your residence. And if you have some good lists of schools you are just settled.

    In Sarjapur there are big names like-

    The upcoming Azim Premji University is the cherry on the cake. It is a landmark for Sarjapur, which will change the scenario for Sarjapur. It is proposed to be a world class university with tall buildings comparable to great universities of the world. It is poised to be the tallest university in Asia. It will be an attraction point for people to visit and invest in villas.

  9. Excellent health care facilities
  10. IT-hub-near-sarjapur-road

    Health care is also an important factor that propels you to invest in housing. Some of the big names located near Sarjapur are -

    Apart from these biggies, there are many good clinics and nursing homes.

  11. Entertainment
  12. IT-hub-near-sarjapur-road

    Families living in Sarjapur also want shopping and entertainment zones, which is in ample. The Total Mall, Decathlon, , Play Arena ,Cycle market, Central mall, Market Square are good shopping and hangout areas. There are also many good eateries and restaurants for family and friends get together.

  13. Less Pollution
  14. IT-hub-near-sarjapur-road

    One of the main reasons of emerging villa projects in Sarjapur is low pollution levels. There are many parks that maintain the air levels of Sarjapur. Surely, you would like to have your villa in place where pollution is less.

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