10 Unique Experiences Only the People Living in Villas Can Have

What could be the ultimate desire of people living in big cities? Surely space… some private space….and so on. Luxury of space is the ultimate luxury that you can experience in villas and only villas. Would you also like to explore the experiences of people living in villas? We are sure you are tempted to know….

  1. Space, space & space

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    Its always adjust, adjust and adjust, when it comes to living in a big city like Bangalore. You are always accommodating more in less. And sometimes avoiding the things due to lack of space. You have also put off inviting your dear friend or relative due to lack of space.

    However, here in villa you have a ground floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor and a terrace. You have good space to wander around and invite your relatives or friends.

  3. Privacy, privacy & privacy
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    Children are just around the corner; hence you develop a habit of speaking in low or not talking at all. You are sometimes not able to control your anger and your fight spills out of the room in front of your children/ relative etc. You feel so embarrassed! However, you cannot live in a state of turmoil and it just bursts.

    It happens with all of us. Living in a villa, gives you enough privacy to handle your lives. The children can also enjoy the freedom to play in their house.

  5. Party, party & party

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    Name it and you have it…got to party on the terrace? You have it. Want to have a cool barbeque in your kitchen garden or a festival celebration like Holi and Diwali in your garden porch. You have it all! you just must find a reason to party and get-together.

    You would though become famous for throwing parties.

  7. Space for everything
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    You have always wanted separate rooms for your children; a small office for yourself and a play room and what not…. You guessed it right. You can have a separate place for all. You can play indoor games with your children. Play with your pet dog in the lawn. Staying in a villa gives you luxury to have it all.

  9. The mighty stairs

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    Stairs have their own magic and weave a special impression in your interior. You have long forgotten the stairs… sitting on its steps, enjoying some memorable time around. Stairs had almost been ignored or we can say is wiped out in modern design. However, you can enjoy the stairs and decorate around it to bring in the magic into your interior.

  11. Enjoying the neighbourhood, but maintain personal privacy
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    How often you have felt your neighbours too close for comfort; just next door. You are not an eavesdropper, but you are fed with all the sound from your neighbour’s house. You fear about your own. However, in villas, you can enjoy good neighbours, while maintaining your own personal space.

    You have separate boundaries and separate walls.

  13. Can keep pets

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    Not that you have not been able to keep pets earlier, but you had no separate area for them. Now you can build a small kennel for your pet dog, or a bird tree cage for your pet birds.

  15. Enjoy gardening
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    You have always enjoyed gardening but had to be content with potted plants. Now you can explore your gardening and go for kitchen gardening, terrace/lawn gardening, and grow whatever you like.

  17. All round development of your children

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    When children get their private space, they blossom. They can spread themselves and explore their hobbies. Unlike in small houses where, they could not have the leisure of spreading their big drawing sheet and enjoy colouring sprawled on floor.

  19. Best of both world
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    When you live in a villa you have the best of both worlds. You can have your own spacious villa and a great neighbourhood to socialize. Plus, all the amenities that comes with the villas in gated community.

    Last but not the least, when you buy a villa in Geown Oasis, you have an address that you flaunt proudly.