Check Out the Opportunities to Invest in Affordable Homes in Bengaluru

Would you believe if I say Bengaluru is one and only city that has experienced a 45% hike in need for affordable villas starting from Rs.1.5 crore? Now you may ask- how Bengaluru has been able to maintain or sustain this demand? The answer is very simple.

The tag Bengaluru wore for many years as -the retiring city has been replaced by aspiring city. Or more pronounced the IT capital of India- a city that churns jobs opportunities consistently, no matter what happens throughout India. It is resident to entrepreneurs and the nouveau riche individuals.

If I say people investing in affordable villas are between the age group of 30 years, would you believe me? Certainly... as of course you belong to that group. Bengaluru, esp.-Sarjapur road- is a young city driving the real estate to churn affordable villas. And we real estate people are obliging them and spoiling them with an array of affordable villas with corresponding lifestyle preferences.

And why not? These group of people are financially sound and want to have a home that can spell comfort & style. With both partners earning they have enough to splurge on affordable villas. After marriage the couple’s priority has become investment in affordable homes. Even the singles – men/women, do not limit themselves, and invest in affordable villas.

Villas, in fact are no more a speciality or strong suit of the upper middle class of the society but has become a forte of the working-class professionals. The young guns have an eye on modern technology for life, work & play, coming close to convenience and connectivity being major factors that drives them into investing in villas. They want to be within a certain social circle and at the same time enjoy their privacy.

The opportunities to invest in affordable villas in Sarjapur are great, however there are certain points that determines the investment in affordable villas in Sarjapur. If you are in the stage of investing you would like to consider these points.

  1. Great location
  2. You always look for homes that are in good locality of Bengaluru, plus close by to airport. You want to have a pronounced address of your house, that is easy for you as well as your friends and family to reach. You people are also the biggest segment of online buyers, you would want an accessible delivery point.

    Your profession always makes you take trips, so it is convenient if you are within an easy commuting zone. Flights can be at odd hours and you should be able to book a cab easily. Villas in Sarjapur serves all the above purposes.

    You will find great view at Villas in Sarjapur.

  3. Perfect view
  4. Whether it is early morning or evening, you like to enjoy your time amidst a perfect view; surrounded by nature, flora and fauna. You are also conscious of your health and want to take a jog/walk/yoga before you start your day. In fact, a good view around nature itself is a comfort.

  5. Ultra-modern amenities
  6. Mostly all of you are professionals and are accustomed with the latest technology. You want your home to have all the specificities of modern amenities. Smart homes with tech-enabled features, environment- friendly features, high end club house, nature walk zone are some of the amenities that tops the list.

  7. Top-of-the-line quality
  8. Affordable villas in Sarjapur is all about top quality structure and input. Excellent construction quality supported by top quality interiors. Open floor plan, high ceiling, clear glass windows to enjoy the outside view, wooden flooring, top class fixtures in bathroom and kitchen, and of course well-defined kitchen accommodating provisions for the latest gadgets.

    Again, comfort can be in the quality that you want to relish.

  9. 100% security and safety
  10. Villas in Sarjapur offers the ultimate safety you desire. You need to move around and across the country, with or without your family. You cannot be worried sick on your trip. So, the first thing you look for in affordable villas is ultimate security. The sense of comfort just blows out of the roof without complete security.

    Best security features, 24/7 monitoring, manually and technically is a must.

  11. Low saturation of neighbours
  12. You look for open and limited social environment. You are already in a crowded space, at your office and outside in public spaces and hence at your home you want to be around less or limited surroundings. You also want to enjoy all the amenities at your own pace, without being hurried. This itself is comfort; to be at your own pace.

    You want to do gym, you need to wait or look for a different slot otherwise. A gated community with less saturation of neighbours is a comfort you seek for.

    Have you visited the Geown Oasis villas at Sarjapur that is complete with all the comforts, you have been looking for? That too within your affordability range. Hurry then…What are you waiting for?