Places to Socialize for Single,Retiree,Couple,Families etc

What is the most important point you may consider before buying a home?

A family constitutes of elderly people, children, and couples. When you buy a home, you wish to consider a socializing place for all. You may want to buy a home in a location that has good social engagement for your family.

Finding a solution or such a place is quite difficult. However, Sarjapur is one such locality that may have solution to all your social engagement needs. Geown Oasis in Sarjapur could be one of the best locations for your home,

Places to socialize for Singles, Retiree, couple and families etc, and engage them.

  1. Coolest hangout places to chill for singles and couples

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    Sarjapur has one of the coolest hangout places to chill for singles and couples. There are many cafes, bars and hangout places that serve delicious food with drinks around great ambience. To name a few- Big Brewsky-poolside dining; Café munchies at Zoey’s; Rural Blues; Tipsy Bull-the bar Exchange; Big poolside bar and Grill; and Fisherman Warf for seafood are some of the top listed must visit places.

  3. Good family restaurants
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    Other than the Cafes and bars there are many good family restaurants, that serve great food around great ambience. To name a few- Sarjapur social, Opus Food Stories, The Rig, Anand Sweets, Stoner are some of the places that serve North Indian, Chinese, Continental, South Indian, Mexican, Seafood, fast food and many more.

  5. Kids, youngsters & Singles to enjoy.

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    Apart from food, the kids and young may look for some great indoor and outdoor activities that will not only entertain them but keep them fit also. Places like Breakout Escape games, Flight 4 Fantasy, Escape Room, Riddle Room, Urban Climbers-Artificial Rock Wall, Mysteries Junkies, VR Room, etc are some places for kids, youngsters & Singles to enjoy.

  7. Kaikaondrahalli lake
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    Retirees look for places where they can sit, talk, walk, hang out with their group. The best place for them is the Kaikaondrahalli lake. It is a lake around which one can sit, walk, jog, talk or simply enjoy the weather and scene. The place is very cool and refreshing for all people.

    The lake and the park around it are one of the most relished experience for people living in Sarjapur. The lake offers something for everyone, be it singles, couples, retirees or families. The variety of birds you get to see here, along with its fresh environment, amphitheatre and pet-friendly zone pulls people to visit it often.

  9. libraries and social/yoga clubs/Temple/Church

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    There are libraries and social/yoga clubs that the retirees can join and have a good time. For the spiritual trip there are many temples and church to visit for all. Church like Infant Jesus Shrine, St. Mark Cathedral are around Sarjapur that can be visited. Temples like- Shri Jagannath Temple, Suryanarayana Temple, Angala Parmeshwari Temple are quite famous.

  11. Spas and retreats
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    There are many spas and retreats to groom, socialize and have a great relaxing time for all. To name a few- Asian Women Spa, Fika Spa, Sunday the Spa, are some of the famous spots. These spas are famous and good for their services.

  13. Shopping or mall hopping

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    For the shoppers Sarjapur is a delight. Whether you want to do street shopping or mall hopping you get all. There are some famous malls you can visit, hangout, shop at best prices and enjoy movies, food and games. Total Mall & The Forum Mall, some of the best malls of Bangalore are located near Sarjapur.

You may want to have your home in a place like Sarjapur that has all the good things you may wish to have in and around your home. We at Geown Oasis have built homes for you in Sarjapur for you to socialize and live life to full. So, if you are looking for buying a home in Sarjapur, you must think of Geown Oasis.