Importance of picking the right neighbourhood for your Villa

buying a villa

In a big city like Bangalore, Neighbours somehow become your extended family. You are always in touch with your neighbours. Neighbours are families that live next door or around your house. A lot of things and behaviours gets exchanged with the neighbours. The importance of choosing neighbours and friends have always been impressed on our minds. Selecting homes for yourself also involves taking a good, hard look at the neighbourhood. You will be spending a great deal of time in your neighbourhood, and despite your home being heaven, you may not feel best if your neighbourhood does not align with your taste. Everyone has their own specific likes and requirement that they must look before buying a villa in sarjapur road.

  • Your lifestyle

  • The type of lifestyle you enjoy, or you look forward to enjoying can determine your selection of villa. You may try to spend some time around and find out about the neighbourhood; the people around, the schools their children go, the way they socialize and entertain themselves etc. Your choice of buying villa in gated community is because you want to enjoy the social life. However, if you are not able to enjoy their company then you will be disturbed. So, watch around and select the right kind of neighbourhood that suits you.

  • Surrounding places

  • You may enjoy a peaceful or buzzing surrounding. Depending upon your taste you would like to select your home. You may like a active social life with lots of paparazzi and activity or you may not be able to digest so much activity and would prefer a peaceful place. So, you must spend enough time in and around the neighbourhood to identify your type.

  • Sense of trust

  • Trust is an important issue. When we stay at our homes, we want to let our guards down and live fearlessly. Your children, pets, elderly family member should be able to move fearlessly in the neighbourhood. The police, the movement of the place and its sensitiveness to crime must be checked. You cannot live always in fear and on guard. The security of the gated community, where you wish to buy the villa must be thoroughly checked.

    People feel relaxed when they interact and develop trust in their neighbourhood. How easily can you move during the wee hours of the night? You may need to commute in night. How safe it is during night? Is it well-lit and lively or dark and deserted? All these factors may help you arrive at a good decision.

  • School Transportation & Travel Time

  • People may have to travel distances for their office, but they will surely like to minimize the travel time of their kids. So, you should check on the availability of good schools in the neighbourhood before finalizing your choice of home. Also, do check if the school have transport pick up and drop facility available to the gated community that you select.

  • Commuting

  • You may possess a vehicle to move, but you must also check the public transport facilities like Ola, Ola Auto & UBER available to the choice of your gated community. You will require to commute daily for your work and other activities. Children will need to go to school daily. So, what are the facilities available.

    How much time will take to travel to your office, hospital and entertainment zones? Is the place always loaded with traffic, that may consume a lot of your time, is an important point to be considered?

    If you work in IT field, it is recommended to check the location of main IT Hubs from your Villa. People do change job for better opportunities and in such a case, people should not feel the need to change home just because of the distance of new office.

    You also need to check the roads connecting to your place, the distance to the local market and many more. You may order things online, but you may miss good deals if your house is too out of way.

  • Services

  • When you start to live in your villa, you become aware of many requirements that needs to be addressed. Living in a neighbourhood that can address your requirements easily, is a bonus. You require home cleaning services, grocery delivery service, house workers, gardeners, plumbers and many more. Are they available easily? Don’t misunderstand me, but you do need regular help in your household activities, which could be very problematic if you don’t get them.

    When you select a villa in and around Sarjapur, you are in for one of the best neighbourhoods that may be right for you.

  • Pollution Level

  • Once Bangalore was a very clean city, but with the rise in pollution levels, it can hardly stand true. However, there are still some places like Geown Oasis, where you can breathe fresh air. While the pollution level may touch around 250 AQI within the city, it is barely 10 AQI around Geown Oasis. You buy home to spend time in peace, but if your house is near the main road, what will you get? A lot of dust and noise of vehicles moving to and from. You won’t have any peace. While if you buy a place in Geown Oasis, little away from the main road, you enjoy a peaceful pollution free stay.