What makes a villa in Sarjapur stand out from the others?

Who do you think the real estate dweller trying to impress? Most real estate dweller is churning villas in Sarjapur to impress the successful people like you into investing in one. Villas in Sarjapur has taken into a new form and scenario. The context has changed, and it now refers to quality, craftmanship, a specific lifestyle and finer services more than just appearance and superfluous frills.

Your house is always your pride and when it comes to your villa home, you want it to be the reflection of your persona, aura, and status symbol.

Today it is more about showing your style with elegance and comfort. Hence, we at Geown Oasis have put forth a customized option where in you can decide upon the interior of the house. There is a dearth of theme-based villas also, where the landscape is designed in various eras like- medieval, Mughal architecture English, etc.

You as a buyer of villas are aptly knowledgeable. You are aware of the styles and the extent of comfort you can indulge in. Hence, we at Geown Oasis have pooled our best brains to present exclusivity with good architecture, high end technology and comfort.

You are also conscious of the environment, natural lights, peace and tranquillity with grandeur, sophistication, and style.

Few important points can be listed as priorities for you in villas.

  1. Location-

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    Location is a prime criterion for buying a villa. Geown Oasis have their villas amidst Sarjapur, which is the hotspot for you buyers. Firstly, it is near to all the important locales like Indira nagar, Koramangala, Whitefield. Secondly, Sarjapur is a peaceful serene place with less pollution and best for enjoying harmonious life.

  3. Unique layout-
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    Villas that have interesting landscape and view, just steals the show. The unique layout allows each of you owner to enjoy its space. The villas are laid out such that no owner must compromise on the beautiful scene it encompasses. There are glass panels that allow a clear view of the landscaped garden, from each room. The east facing villas can enjoy the early morning sunshine, while the west facing can enjoy the beautiful evening sunset.

    The inside layout of villa is also very captivating. The high ceiling and porched car parking. The kitchen garden and the front garden and a terrace. A grand staircase that leads to the first floor where you have bedrooms. The kitchen, dining and drawing room accommodates the ground floor. And not to mention the terrace.

  5. Materials and fixtures used-

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    Since, you are very much conscious of brand and quality, high quality of materials and fixtures best in the market are used to enhances the style quotient of the villa. For landscaped gardens good soil, exotic plants and sprinklers are used.

  7. Servant room-
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    A servant room with a bathroom is also a mandatory structure of a villa. You need to have helpers from outside as well as an inhouse 24/7 helper. Looking to this requirement we have accommodated a room for them.

  9. Eco-friendly-

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    In the modern age when so much is being talked about eco-friendly, save the environment, you surely look for homes that incorporate some measures. At Geown we are committed to our environment, and hence have installed Eco- friendly STP, rain water harvesting, which is a must to recharge the ground water.

  11. Other amenities
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    Other amenities that accompanies the villa is expected to be exceptional. The drive-in area, the entrance with impressive threshold and landscape, club facilities, Gym, grand lobby and community spaces, hospitality services, swimming pool, steam / sauna bath, entertainment areas- cinema rooms, party hall, other sport grounds- like indoor badminton court, table tennis etc.

    There is no end to real estates’ adventure into villas in Sarjapur. We at Geown Oasis have innovated and brought in style that is hard to ignore. The job of real estate developers has become tough, as there is lot of competition esp. when we have a well knowledgeable intelligent buyer as in you. Hence, we adhere to be the best and exclusive.